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HTC U11 plus 6GB/128GB (Amazing Silver)

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20 มิ.ย. ~ 22 มิ.ย., 2018 - DHL EXPRESS

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14 วันคืนสินค้าง่ายๆ

14 วันคืนสินค้าง่ายๆ
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การรับประกัน : 7 วัน

ขนาดหน้าจอ 6 ระบบปฏิบัติการณ์ Android™ 8.0 Oreo with HTC Sense™ Main Camera
สิ่งที่ให้มาในกล่อง HTC U11+ 6GB/128GB (Amazing Silver) แรม 6 GB
MODEL HTC U11+ 6GB/128GB (Amazing Silver) ROM 128 GB
การรับประกัน 7 วัน

- 158.5 x 74.9 x 8.5mm 

- Six inch display

- Water and dust proof

- Andorid 8.0 Oreo

- Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor

- 64GB and 128GB options

- 3,930 mAh battery

- Edge Sense technology

- 8MP front and 12MP rear camera

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Even more squeezed in

HTC U11+ has a 6” screen that feels smaller in your hand, a bigger battery at nearly 4,000mAh, a stunning translucent liquid surface design, and more water resistance all squeezed into a more slender device.

Bigger screen on a smaller device

The bigger screen makes this phone your new favorite way to watch movies and play games, and the 18:9 aspect ratio allows a large screen to fit comfortably in your hand.

Do more of everything for longer

With one of our largest batteries yet, here is a phone you can depend on. The HTC U11+ has an increase of 30% in battery stamina and will easily handle more of the things you love to do, for longer.

Cinema-quality visuals

The display has been meticulously engineered to support the DCI-P3 color space delivering our most vivid display, a wider color gamut, and incredible color accuracy. HTC U11+ also supports HDR10ii video for vibrant imagery so be ready to stay captivated.

More intuitive than ever

We thought of everything you needed in order to make a single-handed experience possible. Swipe anywhere on the homescreen to access notifications and all your apps with one hand. And Edge Sense lets you use any app with a squeeze.

One of the best on the market

The HTC U11+ comes equipped with a camera that improves on the HTC U11’s, which was awarded a remarkable DxOMark Mobile score of 90iv. Pristine details, exceptional low-light capabilities, and super fast capture are just a few perks that will grab your attention.

Powerful sound you can feel

The 6” display demands your attention, but the sound system calls for your affection. The same great HTC BoomSound and HTC USonic earbuds make sure you have powerful audio wherever you go.

Look inside the masterpiece

We pushed the envelope to bring you a phone that is visually stunning with an all-new translucent glass back and masterful design, inside and out.

Dedicated to you

Inside every HTC U11+, you will find an AI companion who is dedicated to you. HTC Sense Companion will get to understand you and your daily patterns over time in order to offer you more convenience with every day.

Pushing the limits of endurance

Everything in this phone is devoted to giving you the highest performance – greater water resistance, one of our biggest batteries, and the newest processor to make sure everything is fast and seamless.